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    排列五中奖4500万"Im sure that is so," said Rashelle calmly, "for the Emperors that have occupied the Palace in my fathers time have known themselves to be usurpers of a usurping line. Usurpers cannot afford to trust the true rulers. And yet my father has kept the peace. He has, of course, developed and trained a magnificent security force to maintain the peace, prosperity, and stability of the sector and the Imperial authorities have allowed this because they wanted Wye peaceful, prosperous, stable--and loyal."Red numbers appeared on the ceiling just over his pillow. They read: 0903. She smiled without superiority. "Im sorry," she said. "But I rather assumed Chetter Hummin would have told you Id be coming for you at nine. The trouble with him is hes so used to knowing, he sometimes forgets that others occasionally dont know.--And I shouldnt have used radio-holographic identification. I imagine you dont have it on Helicon and Im afraid I must have alarmed you."


    “夫铭,我很高兴你有这种感觉,希望你这么想是有根据的。但我怎么也想不通,你究竟为什么要冒这个险。我对你有什么意义?为了一个陌生人,即使一,,,点点风险也不值得啊。”"That is the rational assumption," said Hummin, "and it tray well have been, but in this Galaxy rationality does not always triumph. However, since Seldon seems to have taken no note of any details concerning the vessel, we can only speculate. What Im thinking is: Wye."


    1、  谢顿说:“我来自一个露天的世界,姐妹,除了川陀之外,,,,其他世界也都是那样。雨水时有时无;河水不是太少就是泛滥;,温度不是太高就是太低,这就代表收成有好有坏。然而在此地,,环境完全受到控制,收成想不好也不行。麦曲生多么幸运啊。”“那不重要,我不在乎——但就某方面而言,,我的确可说了解你,比你想象中还了解的多。”

    2、“谢顿,哈里•谢顿,陛下。”,,,"Id like to see it sometime," said Seldon, "but I mean real book-films ... uh ... learned ones ... or films ... or printouts."



    "There is an archaic word aerie that means a dwelling place on high. ""No, Raych, theyll find us. They dont really look too hard for Davan. He annoys them, but I suspect they dont take him seriously. Do you know what I mean?"

    Seldon said in a hurt tone, "I was merely trying to be polite. If you dont mind, I certainly dont. And its not why about what. Im asking about the Wye Sector.""I really do." Somehow Seldon knew this statement was sincere. "And you really want me to work out the details of psychohistory and you feel that you yourself cannot do it?"


    1、"Thats not your business," snapped Hummin.谢顿明白她不能主动跟一位兄弟说话,除非对,,,方先开口。于是他以迟疑的口气说:“我们能,要一些吗,兄……兄弟?”,

    2、"By Expressway.""Theres still time to turn back, since you hesitate," said Dors. "In fact, I would advise you to rum back."


    4、“我真希望我也只是路过历史图书馆。不过我正试图解决的一个数学问题,需要,一些历史学的知识,只怕我没做好这件工作。”"And you must therefore feel that if you can possibly help me in any way, you must."

    5、“嗯,你把自己逼得精神错乱也无济于事。如果能让你觉得舒服点,我可,以告诉你一个例子:有个题目远比人,类历史单纯得多,许多人花了不知多少岁月,却一直没有多大进展。我会知道这件事,是因为这所大学就有一,组人员在研究这个题目,我的一位好友也参与其中。要说挫折感,你根本不知道什么是挫折感!”《基地前奏》(上)-161.JPG.TXT“是什么题目?”谢顿觉得心中涌起,,,一股小小的好奇。,第十五部 地下组织

    6、Seldon looked about surreptitiously. It was in the highest degree convenient that, in keeping with the mourning atmosphere, every face, when not fixed on a television monitor, was bent in sad concentration on the floor."We fought well," said Seldon grimly.