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    188logo自然派的哲学家也被称为“苏格拉底之前的哲学家”,因为他们生在苏,格拉底之前。德谟克里特斯虽然死于苏格拉底数年之后,但他所有的想法都属于苏格拉底之前的自然派哲学。无论就时间或空间而言,苏格拉,,,底都代表了一个新的时代。他是第一个在雅典诞生的伟大哲学家,他和,他的两位传人都在雅典生活、工作。你也许还记得安纳萨哥拉斯以前也曾经在雅典住过一段时间,但后来因为他宣称太阳只是一块红热的石头而被驱逐出境。苏格拉底的遭遇也好不了多少。"No, there's something in the air."


    "It is, indeed."“是的,苏菲。你想你可以用宇宙的观点来看你自己的生命吗?你必须试着想象此时此刻自己在人世间的生活……”,,,


    1、"Tell me where you live, and I'll tell you who you are.""Yes, war is a terrible thing!"

    2、It suddenly struck her that it would have been a whole lot easier if she had just admitted she had been here before. It couldn't do any harm if she let her friend in on the mysterious things she had experienced during the last few days."No thanks, we've had enough of them."







    2、"Now you're being na'i've. All our conversations are being overheard. The most sensible thing would be to say nothing.""How do you mean?"

    3、"The Norwegian-born naturalist Henrik Steffens--whom Wergeland called 'Norway's departed laurel leaf because he had settled in Germany--went to Copenhagen in 1801 to lecture on German Romanticism. He characterized the Romantic Movement by saying, 'Tired of the eternal efforts to fight our way through raw matter, we chose another way and sought to embrace the infinite. We went inside ourselves and created a new world ... ' "“嗯,我知道。”,,,


    5、All right, Sophie, I'll explain it more clearly: a gingerbread man can be so lopsided after all that baking that it can be quite hard to see what it is meant to be. But having seen dozens of gingerbread men that were more or less successful, I can be pretty sure what the cookie mold was like. I can guess, even though I have never seen it. It might not even be an advantage to see the actual mold with my own eyes because we cannot always trust the evidence of our senses. The faculty of vision can vary from person to person. On the other hand, we can rely on what our reason tells us because that is the same for everyone."Us too?"

    6、She took the envelope with her and let herself in the front door. She fed the animals and then went upstairs to her room. Lying on her bed, she opened Alberto's letter and read:“例如,人们不断利用各种杀虫剂来扑杀害虫。最初效果非常好,可是当你在一块地或一座果园里喷洒杀,,,虫剂时,事实上你是为那些害虫制造了一场小小的生,,,态灾难。由于不断突变的结果,一种可以抵抗现有杀,虫剂的害虫就产生了。结果这种害虫就变成‘赢家’,,,,可以随心所欲了。因此,人们试图扑灭害虫的结果,反而使得有些害虫愈来愈难对付。当然,这是因为,,,那些存活下来的都是一些抵抗力最强的品种。”