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"Certainly. Why not?"“那只是你的猜想,哈里。即使真有其事,我们也无法进去。”建议使用豌豆荚安全下载。


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江苏快三对子遗漏"Yes, of course, but thats an exception. There are other places where women dominate. For the most part, though, government and power have been more or less equisexual. If more men tend to hold high positions, it is usually because women tend to be more bound--biologically--to children.""Theres the air-jet," she said.



2、He looked out the window at the rise and fall of the domes, at the general green in this area of the planet, the occasional patches of what were little less than jungles, the arms of the sea they occasionally passed over, with its leaden waters taking on a sudden all-too-brief sparkle when the sun peeped out momentarily from the heavy cloud layer.There was silence.

3、“但你曾在此地举行的会议上演讲。”"It is all I want," said Seldon earnestly. "I really did not have my mind on anything else. If you brought me here because you thought--"


1、"Youll have to stay up here for a while," said Dors firmly. "Follow me. Im going to circle the entrance in an outward spiral."“好的,此外,我们知道某些相当简单的事物很容易模拟,而当事物越来越,,,复杂时,模拟它们就变得越来越难,最后终于变得绝无可能。但究竟在何等,复杂度之下,模拟就再也没有可能?嗯,我利用上个世纪才发明的数学技巧,,,——即使动用大型、高速的计算机,这种技巧目前也几乎没什么用——证明,出我们的银河社会在临界点这一边,它的确可用比本身更简单的模拟来表现,。我还进一步证明,这将导致一种预测未来的能力。它是统计性的,也就是,说,算出的是各组可能事件的几率,而非断定哪一组会发生。”,

2、"Sure Im sure. Hell help."He gave Seldon no choice, actually. He took his arm and once again there was no hanging back in that firm grip. Hummin stepped into nothingness and Seldon (who heard himself, to his own embarrassment, emit a small squeak) shuffled off with a lurch.


4、"Followed ya. Howd ya think? Hey, lady"--he turned to Dors--"you dont fight like no dame."Dors said a little coldly, "I see, Madam Mayor, that your hopes for a coup can not be maintained. Apparently, you have been forestalled."

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    The line ahead was rapidly growing shorter and Seldon found himself standing with Hummin at the edge of the floor with an open gap before him. The air ahead faintly glittered. Automatically, he reached out his hand and felt a light shock. It didnt hurt, but he snatched his hand back quickly.It amused the Emperor--in a macabre sort of way--to consider that, at any moment, without warning, with a manufactured excuse or with none at all, he could have Demerzel arrested, imprisoned, exiled, tortured, or executed. After all, in these annoying centuries of constant unrest, the Emperor might have difficulty in exerting his will over the various planets of the Empire, even over the various sectors of Trantor--with their rabble of local executives and legislatures that he was forced to deal with in a maze of interlocking decrees, protocols, commitments, treaties, and general interstellar legalities--but at least his powers remained absolute over the Palace and its grounds. And yet Cleon knew that his dreams of power were useless. Demerzel had served his father and Cleon could not remember a time when he did not turn to Demerzel for everything. It was Demerzel who knew it all, devised it all, did it all. More than that, it was on Demerzel that anything that went wrong could be blamed. The Emperor himself remained above criticism and had nothing to fear--except, of course, palace coups and assassination by his nearest and dearest. It was to prevent this, above all, that he depended upon Demerzel. Emperor Cleon felt a tiny shudder at the thought of trying to do without Demerzel. There had been Emperors who had ruled personally, who had had a series of Chiefs of Staff of no talent, who had had incompetents serving in the post and had kept them--and somehow they had gotten along for a time and after a fashion.
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    "If you feel yourself beginning to believe that, then you should realize that many legends of primitive origins assume extended life spans for early leaders. If theyre pictured as unbelievably heroic, you see, it seems natural that they have life spans to suit."达凡说:“你看到了达尔这里的情形,我们受到压迫,这点你一定,知道。根据你对待雨果•阿马瑞尔的方式,我无法相信你对我们毫,,,无同情。”,
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    “没错,我知道你不会那样做。”丹尼尔露出疲倦的微笑,“毕竟你十分自负,,,,想要占有心理史学的全部功劳。你不会想——绝不会想让任何人知道,你曾经需要一个机器人的帮助。”,"You shave your beard. Thats your manhood too."